Welcome! On this page, you'll find a list of my favorite business tools! If you are building a Young Living business, these tools will support your efforts!

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Business Foundation
business foundation tools to build on
GroWorkspace has been a game changer for me! It is the best investment I have made in the 10 years I have been with Young Living. I learned so much in their Digital Duplication Academy program. Being technically challenged I was overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles of building a website and building funnels, but this course made it easy to follow along step by step and create a website that reflected who I was and what I offered! It was worth every penny I invested! 
GroWorkspace is jam packed full of professionally written oil education with beautiful graphics to share! It saves me so much time to be able to go there and use all the available presentations to send in email or text or to use in a live online class! 
If you are serious about building as solid business foundation, you really need this kind of resource!

Get Oiling and GroWorkspace work together seamlessly! Get Oiling is where your team and your prospects information is kept. It is so easy to send a message directly to just team members or your entire contact list. I learn something new every week with this resource and since they record all their training it's easy to follow along as I set up new projects! They have made staying in contact with prospects so easy! 

I love Canva! There are templates to use or I have the ability to create my own. I can upload pictures from my computer or there are hundreds of photos on the site to choose from. 
It gives me the opportunity to be as creative as I want to be! I use it for my website, newsletter, emails, social sites, just about everything! I made my logo on canva! You can design your own postcards, letterhead, announcements....there are tons of templates you can design from.
Just another tool that helps me easily personalize my business! 

Build Your Business
tools you need to build your business
This is the go to place for reference materials such as essential oils books, variety of essential oil education booklets and essential oil supplies! These items can be shared at live events, vendor events, DIY's or mailed to prospects or team members. 
The site has a variety of resources you can choose from! 
This is where I purchase the transfer buying forms! I love to send these forms out to new customers/brand partners and prospects! It is a great way to show how easy it is to ditch n switch toxic products for Young Living healthier lifestyle products! They check the items they use on the top page and then lift it to see the Young Living products they can use instead. It's truly a no brainer! It is a visual that people can see and much easier than trying to plant seeds on every product......these resource does it for you without having to be present!

Just Jess G. Digital Print Shop
I love sending out happy mail postcards to all my members but it's time consuming addressing, stamping and putting my contact info on each postcard. That's why I LOVE what this gal offers! I pick postcard from her shopify site, attach a file with recipient information and my info and salutation that I want on it and she does the rest! It is a win/win for me! 

Business Education
educate yourself to build your business with passion & purpose
The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple

I hated chemistry but I love this book! If you are going to have an essential oils business, you need to understand what they are in layman's terms. I don't need to understand chemistry but I do need to understand how and why the oils I promote work. After reading this book you will be so pumped up and excited to share the oils with everyone you know! It will create a passion inside of you! You will never look at essential oils the same again! Build your business with a confidence and commitment that will motivate you and inspire others. You will never question your purpose again after reading this book! 
D. Gary Young The Leader in Essential Oils
This book is a must read for everyone, especially those building a Young Living business. I loved reading about Gary's beginnings. You can really feel the struggles and hardships he endured to achieve his passion of having Young Living oils in every home. This book humbled me and made my passion for Young Living even stronger. In order to build a business you need to know the history of the company you represent. Gary built a strong foundation that hold the roots of those lifestyle seeds we sow. Do yourself a favor and get this book which was written by Mary his wife after Gary sadly left us.

Essential Oil Desk Reference
This is a MUST HAVE for anyone using Young Living essential oils! The pocket guide is a perfect gift for new members! 
I know when I got my first EODR it inspired me to want to try more essential oils. As a business builder, it made it so easy to share the oils having that information as a reference to answer questions from potential customers. It really took the fear out of sharing the oils!

 Personal Growth
personal growth & business training

Emma Hague, Invictus Ltd.

Emma Hague is a Personal Growth Coach and she is AMAZING to work with! She teaches  the Bob Proctors Thinking Into Results program. The TIR Program guides you through a powerful 12 lesson process for creating your new, desired results. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. It is important to periodically review the program in its entirety for constant reinforcement of the ideas. It is through the repetition of the lessons that you will experience permanent changes. 
Success in any business begins with your beliefs, what you believe, you will receive, it is a Universal Law. Negative beliefs attract negative results. This program with Emma will give you the tools to change those negative beliefs and attract the abundance in every area of your life! It was an awesome experience and I highly recommend it for everyone whether you have a business or not!  

The Gameplan System

Whether you are a brand new Young Living business builder or you have been doing the business for some time, Sarah Harnisch has a GamePlan strategy guide for you! 
She has a book specific to Stars, one for Sr Stars and another for Executive along with workbooks! Her books cover the following:
  • Mindset training
  • How to teach (with a script to make it simple and duplicatable)
  • How to close (with a script)
  • A Virtual Office tour
  • Distractions
  • Excuses
  • Rising Star bonuses training
  • Compensation plan training
  • How to pray for your business
  • How to talk to people you do not know
 If you want to get started or get unstuck or train your members, she has the training for you!

The Four Year Career
Three reasons you will love this book!

1.YOU. Are you solid in your belief and understanding of the Network Marketing opportunity? If you have any doubts, this is the book for you.

2.Prospects. The people you are introducing to your Network Marketing opportunity need this. The credibility this piece delivers to your presentation is key to unlocking their YES.

3.Not Right Now-ers. For the people who said no or not right now, this is a compelling piece to follow up with them 6 months down the line as a second look. It may be what they need to tip the scale.